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Space as a Service

In-orbit demonstration
New technologies and solutions are key for achieving competitive edge. CubeSats offer a fast and economical method for testing even the most complex challenges in space environment. This is the first step to kick-start your business in space.
Space-based services
Satellites are by nature a truly global solution as they orbit our planet. A constellation of small satellites enables larger coverage and lower latency. Be it for monitoring our environment, connecting the world or exploring the universe beyond Earth.
State of the art
CubeSats are a new breed of spacecraft that create unique business opportunities for many fields. They are effective while cost-effective due to their low launch cost. Space Lab’s proprietary technologies allow us to provide streamlined solutions for your mission needs.
The sky is no longer
the limit
Space has never been closer to reach. Our co-created space-based services unleashes the full potential of your business. We’ll assist you on the way from designing the missions and satellites to building and operating your very own spacecraft fleet – or anything in between.


On-going projects

Hello World

Demonstrating the Hello World platform for future Earth orbit and deep-space missions. Seeing the invisible – first ever miniature hyperspectral infrared imager onboard. In-house designed and manufactured platform scalable up to 12U CubeSat size.

View project

Launch: 2018


Class: 2U CubeSat

Demonstrating a new frequency band for future telecommunication satellites. Higher frequencies enable faster communication speeds for satellites providing global connectivity. First ever Finnish satellite ordered by the European Space Agency.

View W-Cube mission

Launch: 2021

Status: Development phase

Class: 3U CubeSat


Asteroid prospecting for outer space resource utilization. Hyperspectral images of asteroids reveal valuable materials – a single asteroid can be worth billions. Previously known as ASPECT, a mission funded by the European Space Agency under a larger project called HERA.

View HERA mission

Launch: 2023

Status: Design phase

Class: 6U CubeSat


A demonstration satellite for future space weather forecasting. Also known as XFM, an European Space Agency mission co-created by RSL and ISAWARE.

Link to SUNSTORM press release

Launch: 2021

Status: Development phase

Class: 2U CubeSat


Reaktor Space Lab is co-developing commercial services with our partners in the fields of Earth observation, remote area connectivity, and space weather monitoring.

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Space Lab Crew


The first generation of Finnish spacecraft builders. Forerunners of the New Space Era. Ready to solve some of the greatest challenges of our lifetime.

Tuomas Tikka

CEO & Co-founder

Exploring the unknown

Janne Kuhno

CTO & Co-founder

Keeping tech together

Timo Nikkanen

Systems Engineer

Engineering jack of all trades

Jami Sarnikorpi

Head of Design

Creating content & managing humanoids

Dr. Tatsuo Shimizu

Chief Scientist

Making imagination tangible

Daniel Landau

Software Developer

I mash my keyboard until things start working


We are guided by great minds of the Finnish New Space Economy – creators of digital services, Finnish space legislation and Finland’s nanosatellite program.

Juha-Matti Liukkonen

Chairman of the Board (RSL)

Head of Space and Robotics, Reaktor Innovations

Juha Ilola

Board Member (RSL)

General Counsel, Reaktor Group

Jaan Praks

Board Member (RSL)

Professor, Aalto University

Antti Näsilä

Advisor (RSL)

Senior Scientist, Technical Research Centre of Finland


Tight cooperation brings ample results. We’re always glad to share our knowledge with our co-creators for reaching towards the greater common good.

Hybrid partner for forward-thinking businesses and organizations. Together with Space Lab’s expertise, Reaktor can provide top-class digital space-based services.

Technical Research Centre of Finland, one of the leading research and technology organisations in Europe, provides leading edge technology to Space Lab’s missions.

Multidisciplinary community in the fields of science, economics, art and design. Home of the first Finnish satellites.